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Unication is a premier supplier of Critical Messaging and Communication equipment to the Global Marketplace. Unication is proud to announce their New Legend Secure Pager which offers AES Encryption capability, in order to meet the growing Patient Privacy Protection requirements of the Health Care In¬dustry. Unication has also developed two new product lines focused on the Public Safety and Industrial segments. The G1 is the first IP67 Submersible Voice Pager and the E3 is an IP64 Ruggedized Alpha Pager. Unication continues to invest and innovate to bring added value to the Worldwide Messaging Industry. Some of these innovative products include a Dual Frequency Alpha Pager, a Password Protected Alpha Pager, and a Wideband/Narrowband Auto-Migration Pager called the Legend+. Unication is committed to be your Quality and Value Leader in providing communications equipment and solutions to you and your customers.
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