Premiere Fleet Tracking for Optimal Performance

Spireon is the premiere provider of fleet tracking and monitoring solutions. HEI Wireless partners with Spireon to provide fleet managers with real-time data to monitor driver safety, vehicle location, activity, and status to improve driver and fleet performance and monitor the mechanical health of your vehicles.

Spireon Products

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  • Modular GPS tracking to track vehicles, increase fleet efficiency, reduce vehicle misuse, and drive revenue.
  • Dashcams that provide live video streaming with road-facing and driver-facing cameras to reduce liability and increase driver performance.

HEI Wireless expertly installs, manages, and maintains your Spireon fleet monitoring solutions so you can focus on your business. With premiere products and excellent provider management, your fleet will enjoy increased safety and performance.

Contact HEI Wireless today to see how we can close the communication gap in your fleet monitoring with our selection of Spireon products.

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