Upfitting Partners

Our Upfitting Partners

At HEI Wireless, we install the best-in-business equipment and technology. Our industry-leading equipment and expert installers ensure you will be up and running in no time, fully upfitted for whatever tasks lie ahead. Our partners in vehicle upfitting include:

  • Code 3
  • Diode Dynamics
  • Lazerlamps
  • Otto
  • Ray-O-Herron
  • Seon
  • Wilson Electronics
  • 24/7

You need upfitting services you can rely on for end-to-end servicing. At HEI Wireless, we provide expert installs and premiere products to ensure your vehicle is upfitted the way you need it to be.

Don't wait to get your vehicle upfitted. Contact HEI Wireless today to get quality-end-to-end servicing at our convenient Benton Harbor location.

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