Fleet Cameras

Keep an Eye on Your Assets With Dash Cams

With the money you’ve invested in your company and the safety of your team on the line, you cannot afford to let your fleet go un-monitored. With our fleet cameras and monitoring systems, HEI Wireless helps you keep track of your assets and monitor every element of your transport to stop accidents before they happen while also optimizing efficiency. With the added support of fleet radios and GPS fleet tracking, you will enjoy comprehensive coverage and optimized function of your business.

Fleet cameras

Get Control of Your Business with Fleet Cameras

Fleet cameras offer round-the-clock monitoring for your drivers and vehicles, and provide real-time data on the availability of your goods, services, and assets. Even when your vehicles pass out of tower range, hard drives store every ounce of information to ensure you never lose your data. Additionally, smart technology within the monitoring systems flags driver infractions and notifies you when your vehicle is experiencing mechanical issues so that you can stay on top of every aspect of your fleet’s operation.

Benefits of Dash Cams

Using built-in sensors and artificial intelligence, fleet camera systems monitor your vehicles inside and out and provide instantaneous feedback to drivers and fleet managers alike for quick correction and response. Benefits include:

  • Monitoring and correction of driver behavior
  • Real-time information on vehicle location, traffic, and movement
  • Maximized fuel efficiency
  • Infraction notification to improve driver performance
  • Camera road monitoring for incident investigation
  • Reduced insurance premiums and cost of claims
  • And more

It's Time to Take Control of Your Fleet With Dash Cam Monitoring.

Don’t wait to get on top of your fleet’s safety and performance. Contact us today for a free consultation and ensure your business’s assets are protected with fleet cameras and comprehensive fleet communication management!

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