Fleet Radios

Fleet radios

Safety Matters. So Does Your Message.

Our roads become more dangerous every year as drivers take to the road with cell phones in hand. Finding communication solutions that reduce distraction and ensure safety and efficiency in your fleet is essential. HEI Wireless provides the limitless coverage you need, on equipment you trust, wherever you go. Our customized solutions are designed to serve your geographical range and business needs. In addition, options to lease equipment give your business budget flexibility. With screen free, instant, and reliable communication, you will see tangible improvements in safety and performance and benefit from more control over your assets.

Optimizing Your Business, One Communication at a Time

Your company is reliant on consistent fleet operation and safe drivers, and the more you know about your assets, the better your business runs. At HEI Wireless, we bring you comprehensive fleet radios and systems that keeps your business on track.

Benefits of Fleet Radios

  • Customizable, limitless coverage over cellular networks and radio towers

  • Unlimited talk and video calls

  • Compact and durable devices

  • Distraction-free driving and efficient communication

  • Digital noise suppression and superior voice quality

  • GPS location tracking

  • Instant calls with unlimited channels

  • And more

Saving Time and Money with HEI Wireless's Leasing Options

Building a communication infrastructure with equipment and licensing is cost prohibitive, and keeping your equipment in working order requires a significant effort for your business. HEI Wireless offers a wide range of leasing options to simplify your communications and your budget. With our easy leasing programs, you will benefit from:

  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Faster service under our specialized maintenance agreements
  • Limitless coverage over any geographical footprint
  • Customized installation, service, and management of your equipment
  • Worry-free communication
  • And more

Fleet Radios: Protecting What Matters Most

Your fleet and crew are valuable assets for your company. Our radios, combined with our cameras and GPS tracking, offer comprehensive monitoring for your fleet, bringing you protection where you need it most. HEI Wireless is dedicated to providing expert service and analysis for your business communication needs so you will have the freedom to focus on your business.

Ensure your communication is seamless and safe with our nationwide fleet radios and communication and monitoring systems. Contact HEI Wireless today for a free consultation and maximize your fleet’s performance.

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