GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking

Businesses often have huge amounts of capital invested in their fleets, and ensuring those fleets are monitored for safety and performance is critical to asset protection. With GPS fleet tracking, you will have an eye on your entire fleet and have real-time data at your fingertips to ensure the mechanical and operational functions of your fleet are up to speed.

Real Time Route Management with GPS Fleet Tracking

Most people recognize the ability of GPS tracking to locate vehicles, but with the smart technology of modern GPS fleet tracking systems, your business dramatically improves fleet performance through real-time data and tracking. Benefits of GPS fleet tracking include:

  • Complete monitoring of vehicle’s mechanical function
  • Monitoring of traffic, idle time, and delays in deliveries
  • Optimized routes for maximum efficiency
  • Ability to see entire fleet location at a glance
  • Driver safety evaluations and feedback to improve performance
  • And more

Comprehensive Tracking for Maximum Control

Our GPS fleet tracking, often used in combination with our camera surveillance and fleet radio systems, provide businesses with maximum control over their fleets for optimal safety and performance.

Let HEI Wireless solve your communication gap! Contact us today to see how GPS tracking and other improvements to your fleet monitoring systems can help your business.

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