Industries Served

Giving Your Business the Power to Connect

A reliable communication network is the backbone of any business. When breakdowns in messaging and productivity occur because of worker distraction, disrupted service, or unsecured lines, your business suffers. Whether these breakdowns lead to increased liabilities or reduced productivity, they negatively affect your work environment. HEI Wireless is committed to solving your communications gap through a host of solutions for all industries served.

Industries Served

We serve a host of industries, and offer expert services to any business, facility, or organization in need of reliable communication services, including:

HEI Wireless has what you need for your business communications networks, no matter where your business takes you or how rugged your work site is. Our comprehensive networking systems ensure your business is covered end to end with reliable messaging and proper monitoring to optimize your business operations.

Our Services

With a host of products and services to maximize your business’s potential, HEI Wireless is poised to launch a comprehensive and successful monitoring and radio communications system for your business. We offer:

  • Two-way radio systems. Secure, speedy, and private push to talk over any distance, without distraction.

  • Fleet Communication Management Systems. Advanced AI systems to monitor driver behavior, mechanical function, and vehicle performance and safety and optimize routes with real-time feedback.

  • Vehicle Upfitting. Equip your fleet with additional lights, wiring, consoles, and any other feature you need.

Find Your Communication Solution, No Matter What You Do

HEI Wireless is dedicated to providing the utmost service to all of our industries served. We bring expert knowledge and industry expertise to help your organization close the communication gap in your business. Contact us today for a free consultation of your business communication needs.

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