Radio Communication Solutions for Education

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Protecting Those You Love with Reliable Communications

As a school administrator, your most valuable assets are the students and teachers you lead, teach, and protect. Making sure those assets are safe is a top priority for your district. With HEI Wireless, you will equip your team for reliable, private, and efficient communication through our encrypted two-way radio systems and digital signage. Our industry standard equipment provides you with the durability and consistency you need for effective communication throughout your network, no matter how big your geographical footprint is. Our team of experts provide the highest quality radio communication solutions for education, giving you a secure network and peace of mind.

Radio Communication Solutions for Education

At HEI, we take a comprehensive approach to closing the communication gap in your network and providing reliable, secure coverage. By combining multiple technologies and networking strategies, HEI Wireless's solutions work in tandem to create a broad and reliable platform for expedited emergency communication, enhanced security, instant message delivery, and improved workplace efficiency. We offer:

Schools and universities face unique and wide-ranging challenges when it comes to managing security and efficiency on campus. HEI Wireless's effective communication solutions close the gap in your network so you and your students remain connected and informed at all times. From day to day facility management to moments of crisis, your institution needs communication it can trust. With HEI's expert guidance, you will rest assured you are prepared and equipped for efficient and critical communication.

Communicate effectively, manage time, and secure the safety of your students and staff members with our radio communication solutions for education. Contact HEI today for a full consultation to see how we can solve your school’s communication gap.

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