Radios for Industrial Use

Industrial radios

When operating an enterprise, durable, distraction-free equipment is necessary to ensure safety and efficiency. HEI offers a comprehensive approach to managing your communications systems, giving you reliable, durable, and concise messaging to optimize your business. Our radios for industrial use and other business communication management services deliver reliability in every environment, no matter the conditions.

Features of Radios for Industrial Use

  • Secure, encrypted channels for maximum privacy
  • Capabilities to communicate through interstate, national, and international networks
  • IP rated and intrinsically safe equipment to meet the highest industry standards
  • Wide selection of products to meet the requirements and preferences of your business
  • And more

Our Services

Your business utilizes many tools on a regular basis to communicate, and ensuring those tools are working for you and providing the comprehensive coverage you need is important. HEI Wireless offers comprehensive and expert service for all your communication gaps.

  • Two-way radio systems. Secure, speedy, and private push to talk over any distance, without distraction.

  • Fleet Communication Management. Advanced AI systems to monitor driver behavior, mechanical function and vehicle performance, including route monitoring, location tracking, and safety performance.

  • Vehicle Upfitting. Equip your fleet with additional lights, wiring, consoles, and any other feature you need.

With HEI Wireless’s full line of communications services, your business will optimize workflow and increase the safety and productivity of your workers and site. Our industrial radio systems provide your factories, work sites, and businesses with durable, dependable, and distraction free communication to keep your world running smoothly.

Get everything you need for a thriving communication network with HEI Wireless's full range of radios for industrial use and accompanying communications products. The experts at HEI are ready to solve your communication gap. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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