Two Way Radios for Landscaping

Keeping your crew up to date and on schedule is a challenge for every landscaping company, and ensuring your communications are efficient and reliable is essential in managing your fleet and employees. HEI Wireless understands how your business works, and is ready to expertly equip you for seamless communication and optimized performance within your business. Our host of communication solutions, including two-way radios for landscaping, ensure your fleet and crew are accessible at the touch of a button, allowing for instant workflow adjustments, easy dispatch, and increased safety and productivity.

Our Services

With a host of products and services to maximize your business’s potential, HEI Wireless is poised to launch a comprehensive and successful monitoring and radio communications system for your business. We offer:

  • Two-way radio systems. Secure, speedy, and private push to talk over any distance, without distraction.

  • Fleet Communication Management Systems. Advanced AI systems to monitor driver behavior, mechanical function, and vehicle performance and safety and optimize routes with real-time feedback.

  • Digital Signage. Expand your communication capabilities with innovative digital signage technology.

  • Vehicle Upfitting. Equip your fleet with additional lights, wiring, consoles, and any other feature you need.

Optimized Communication

Every day, businesses lose time and money due to worker distraction and inefficient communication methods. HEI Wireless works with your landscaping company to streamline your communications and monitoring systems to improve the functionality of your business, reduce distraction, and increase safety. With these components in place, your business is poised to improve its bottom line, reduce liability, and optimize workflow.

Leasing Options

HEI Wireless understands that as a business operator, large capital investments in equipment are often burdensome to your business. As a solution, we offer flexible leasing options to free up capital and provide you with up-to-date equipment and expert maintenance to ensure your communications are a hassle-free component of your business model. Whether your company needs two-way radio systems or a comprehensive monitoring system for your fleet, HEI has a leasing plan for you. Our leasing and maintenance services ensure you can remain focused on your business.

Keep your company functioning at its best with two way radios for landscaping. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us solve the communication gap in your business.

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