Business Radio Accessories

Business Radio Accessories for Your Business

Whether your job requires you to be hands-free, or you want to extend your communications range, we have the accessories to provide you with a solution that works for your business. With HEI Wireless, there is no need to shop around for additional accessories to support your network. We have everything to complete your system, hassle free.

We Offer an Exhaustive Line of Business Radio Accessories

Lapel microphone

  • Bluetooth
  • Lapel microphones
  • Extended Antennas
  • Cases
  • Battery chargers
  • And more

Everything You Need to Keep Your Equipment Running

HEI is a full line supplier of all the necessary business radio accessories for our systems. Our experts will assist you in customizing your communications portfolio to include everything you need for business success.

Trust the experts at HEI Wireless to help you find all the accessories you need for your radio and fleet devices. Contact us today and let us close your communication gap with our full line of communications systems and business radio accessories.

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