First Responder Radios

Reliable Communication for All the Tough Calls

First responder radios

When first responders encounter dangerous situations, every second counts, which is why HEI is dedicated to ensuring your communications make it to their intended destination. With a range of two-way radio systems that operate on the dedicated 800 mhz network, you and your team will have the radio you need to get the job done. Our first responder radios offer instantaneous, reliable, and safe communication on IP rated equipment that stands up to the test, just like the first responders who use them.

First Responder Radios Features

First responders find themselves in extreme conditions. HEI Wireless provides radios that are compatible with the environmental and security-related demands of the job. Features include:

  • Dedicated 800 mhz channel
  • IP rated and intrinsically safe to the highest level of durability
  • Military-grade encryption for secure lines
  • Full service installation, including vehicle upfitting for radio systems
  • Leasing options for worry-free maintenance & guaranteed up-to-date equipment

First Responder Radios for Front-Line Defenders

Every day, we rely on first responders to get tough jobs done. HEI Wireless delivers trustworthy radios on the dedicated 800 mhz frequency to ensure your communications don't suffer when you're serving in the line of duty. We are here for those who serve, including:

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When the Job Gets Hard, You Need Equipment You Can Trust

When you are serving in the line of fire, you need and deserve equipment you can trust. At HEI, we leverage our expertise to ensure your team is equipped with safe, effective equipment that holds up in the toughest of environments.

Trust HEI Wireless for all of your first responder radio needs, and get back to the business of serving. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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