Push to Talk Over Cellular

Nationwide Coverage for Your Fleet

Radio communications

Your fleet is on the move, and you need communications that can move with you. Safe, reliable communication is essential when your message needs to go the distance, no matter what your geographical imprint is. The added insurance of IP ratings and intrinsic safety features ensure your two way push to talk over cellular delivers the message as needed.

How does Push to Talk Over Cellular Work?

Utilizing nationwide cellular networks in addition to wifi, push to talk over cellular mobilizes your message and increases the safety of your drivers, workers, and assets. Your message is delivered at the touch of a button, no matter where you are or where your message is going. Whether traversing the mountainside or communicating with a remote plant, you stay connected via reliable push-to-talk networks.

Benefits of Leasing

Owning and maintaining your own communications system is a huge burden on business. Our leasing program takes the worry out of your communications and makes it possible to avoid huge capital expenditures that hurt your business’s ability to invest in itself. We take care of the communication so you can take care of your business.

Benefits of leasing include:

  • Streamlined operating expense instead of capital expenditure

  • No monthly cell phone bills

  • Updated equipment without worries of obsolescence

  • Full hassle-free maintenance program

Stay Connected, Nationwide, with Push to Talk Over Cellular

Improve your business communications with our push to talk over cellular systems. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how HEI Wireless can close your communication gap.

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