Radio Repeaters

Amplify Your Message with Radio Repeaters

When you’re running a business, your communications need to reach the intended destination, no matter the distance. Our repeaters extend the range of our radio communications systems so that your message is received, safely and securely.

Stay Connected with Extended Range

Radio repeaters work with your secure base station to amplify your signal and extend the range of your system to whatever you need it to be, increasing your network capacity and connecting to remote sites. This allows your system to work around obstructions and long distances to close the communication network, even if your target destination is in another state.

Ensured Data Security with Radio Repeaters

Repeaters offer secure data transmission and features to remotely disable and enable individual units should they be lost or stolen. This provides enhanced security for your business communication network while amplifying your communication print.

Make Sure Your Message Goes the Distance

HEI Wireless goes the distance in delivering your communications, no matter how many miles stand between you and your message’s destination. Contact us today for a consultation and see how we can solve your communications gap with our two-way radios, radio repeaters, and more.

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