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Minimizing screen-related distractions and providing secure, fast, and reliable communications is imperative for business success. HEI Wireless analyzes your business’s unique needs and infrastructure to custom design communication and monitoring solutions that serve you. Our experts will optimize your communications network with our comprehensive business radio systems, fleet monitoring, and other innovative solutions.

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HEI Wireless offers comprehensive communication solutions to fit the unique demands of your business.

  • Two-Way Radio Systems. We offer a full range of two-way radio systems with limitless distance restrictions, IP and intrinsic ratings, unlimited talk and channels, and encryption for additional privacy.

  • Fleet Communication Management. Camera monitoring systems, GPS tracking, and vehicle mounted radio systems allow control over your fleet and improved safety and function.

  • Vehicle Upfitting. Our end to end vehicle upfitting services get you equipped and back on the road fast, all from our convenient Benton Harbor, MI location.

Secure Your Communications Today with HEI Wireless

Businesses rely on their communications network every moment of every day, which is why HEI Wireless tirelessly serves our customers to ensure coverage, no matter where you find yourself or what conditions you work in. Our radio systems connect your team reliably over any distance, and our fleet management solutions close the gap where messaging and monitoring are lacking. With HEI Wireless, you will rest assured your communications are on solid ground, wherever you go.

Contact HEI Wireless today to see how we can solve your communications gap. We serve a large area of Western Michigan and Northern Indiana. If you don’t see your area listed under our areas served, please contact us to see if we offer service in your area.

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