Keeping Precious Cargo Safe with Seon Bus Monitoring Solutions

Nothing is more precious than the lives of those entrusted to your care. HEI partners with Seon for our bus monitoring systems to keep your valuable passengers safe and protect your drivers and fleet. Seon provides GPS tracking of fleets, video monitoring of students and drivers, and transit surveillance systems for incident and accident investigation, as well as live video streaming in case of emergency. HEI Wireless utilizes Seon in equipping bus fleets with a safe and effective monitoring system that protects vehicles, drivers, and students alike.

Benefits of Seon Bus Monitoring Systems

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  • Bus routing software to build safer routes and identify savings opportunities
  • GPS tracking for a clear view of your fleet
  • Camera systems to monitor and record student and driver behavior
  • Remote access to live video in case of emergency
  • Reduced liability and speedy incident investigation
  • And more

The passengers and drivers on your bus are precious cargo. Comprehensive monitoring of your bus systems benefits your business, your drivers, and the passengers you transport. With HEI Wireless’s bus monitoring, you have the assurance of knowing your fleet and passengers are covered, no matter what happens.

Improve the performance of your bus system and protect your drivers and passengers with HEI Wireless’s superior Seon bus surveillance systems. Contact us today to solve your communication gap.

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