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Transportation two-way radios

Get Control of Your Fleet with Proper Monitoring and Transportation Radio Systems

Managing a fleet is a logistical challenge. Monitoring all aspects of your transportation communications and fleet functionality is essential to both safety and success. At HEI Wireless, we offer a full range of service options for monitoring and transportation radio systems, utilizing best in class technology to ensure safe and efficient communication as well as thorough monitoring of fleet activity.

Transportation Radio Systems and Communication Tools

At HEI, we want your fleet to function at its best. That means ensuring your communication is secure, your drivers are free from distraction, and that you are able to track every aspect of your vehicle’s activity and mechanical function. Our comprehensive fleet management gives you peace of mind, knowing your fleet is in good hands.

Our Services

HEI Wireless offers comprehensive and expert service for all your communication gaps.

  • Two-way radio systems. Secure, speedy, and private push to talk over any distance, without distraction.

  • Camera Monitoring Systems. Advanced AI systems to monitor driver behavior, mechanical function, and vehicle performance and safety.

  • GPS Tracking. Know your vehicles' locations at all times, and monitor route information in real time.

  • Vehicle Upfitting. Equip your fleet with additional lights, wiring, consoles, and any other feature you need.

Optimizing your fleet’s safety and function is essential for the success of your business. With HEI’s superior transportation radio systems and fleet management, your fleet will perform better than ever before.

Secure your fleet with HEI Wireless’s transportation radio systems and fleet management. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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