Two Way Radios

Keeping Your Business Optimized with Distraction-Free Equipment

Two-way radios

Every day, your business relies on quick communication to get the job done. Two-way radios provide distraction-free, clear communication in any environment, no matter how rugged. The experts at HEI Wireless will analyze your business needs and provide you with a comprehensive communications infrastructure to service your business or fleet.

Improving Communication with Two-Way Radios

  • Screen free, distraction free communication. Communicate at the touch of a button. Anytime. Anywhere. No cell phone chatter and scrolling on the job. Less talk, more productivity.

  • Secure and durable. Full range of encryption and IP rated durability for dependable, secure messaging wherever you go.

  • Off grid. Even when disasters occur, your message remains. No interruption of vital communications and service because of downed grids.

  • No distance limits. Communication you need, when you need it, no matter the distance.

Secure Your Communication Without Compromising Safety

Don’t let poor communication slow your business down. Contact HEI Wireless today for a free consultation and see how two-way radios can improve your business model.

Stay Connected
Without Distractions