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Customized Networks on Superior Equipment with HEI Wireless

HEI partners with Kenwood Radios to deliver professional radios, portables, and accompanying systems to its customers. Kenwood is a premiere manufacturer of two way radios and other communication equipment. Their products utilize a full spectrum of IP ratings, encryption capabilities, and other radio features to ensure the proper fit for your business. HEI partners with Kenwood to build customized radio networks for business utilizing the Kenwood tower system throughout Michigan and surrounding areas, providing your business with comprehensive coverage where you need it, on superior equipment.

Kenwood Products

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  • Land Mobile Radios
  • On-site business radios
  • Customized radio systems
  • And more

Kenwood's Products, HEI's Expertise for Seamless Communication

Businesses require a wide range of functions and features when it comes to their communications systems. HEI Wireless expertly assesses your communications needs to build a customized system for you, no matter what industry you operate within. Our unique solutions are applicable to many industries, including first responders, factories, manufacturing plants, hospitality industries, and more. Implementing the appropriate Kenwood radio features to work for your business, HEI seamlessly connects your network through expert service and care. When it comes to finding the perfect solution to your communication gap, HEI Wireless has a solution for you.

Contact HEI Wireless today for a free consultation and see how our Kenwood radios and communication solutions will improve your communication network.

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