Radio Over Internet

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Low-Cost RoIP Solutions for Broad Networks

When communication is essential and your geographical footprint is broad, you need a reliable network that extends over your entire service area without sacrificing quality or consistency of messaging. Radio over Internet Protocol offers a solution to businesses and organizations wishing to expand their service area and add base users reliably. At HEI, we connect your business via RoIP (radio over internet protocol) technology to ensure your communications system functions when and where it is needed with the lowest cost and highest reliability.

Our RoIP systems provide numerous advantages to your business, including:

  • Service areas that can span the globe
  • Greater reliability
  • Multi-site connectivity
  • Lower expenses
  • Ease of administration

How Does Radio Over Internet Work?

IP radio connects your two way radio communications system and your existing IP network, boosting your network's power and efficiency by tapping into the internet. This increases the functionality of your system and decreases the cost of your communications by channeling your radio traffic through the wireless network. Because radio technology relies on single point connections, a single malfunctioning node can affect your system’s function. With RoIP, multiple routes are available between points, so your communications are able to reach their destination via an alternate route. With RoIP, it is easy to expand your network users through your existing IP infrastructure, without costly equipment investments and installation.

Tap into the Power of Radio Over Internet and Stay Connected

HEI is your expert in analyzing your communication needs and delivering the right solution for your communication shortfall. Contact us today for a full consultation and see if radio over internet protocol is the right solution for you.

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