Fleet Communication Management

Protect Your Business with Comprehensive Fleet Communication Management

Operating a fleet comes with tremendous risk, and protecting your assets is a top business priority. Proper fleet management allows your company to save time and money as well as minimize liability. At HEI Wireless, we offer a full range of fleet communication management services to ensure both your assets and employees are monitored and protected.

Complete Coverage from Start to Finish

HEI Wireless has everything you need to properly monitor and protect your vehicles and assets, enhance security, and keep you wired to connect on the road during your down time. Our comprehensive fleet communication management includes:

Improve Performance and Control with Fleet Communication Management.

Keeping your fleet monitored and on track boosts your bottom line through enhanced performance and increased safety. At HEI Wireless we make it easy for you with thorough asset monitoring, route management, and increased driver safety, saving you money and worry on the road ahead.

  • Driver monitoring: Through camera and GPS fleet tracking, drivers receive real-time feedback on their performance, and managers have visibility of driver infractions, leading to fewer driving incidents and reduced liability.

  • Vehicle performance and tracking: Advanced AI improves your fleet's performance by monitoring mechanical operations, vehicle performance, and GPS tracking that allows you to monitor goods, services, and assets in real time. Continuous feedback on performance allows for route adjustments, more accurate arrival calculations, and seamless dispatch.

  • Accident prevention and reduced liability: Front and rear-facing cameras keep drivers accountable, reduce liability, and assist in faster incident resolution, improving your bottom line.

Don't Wait to Improve Your Fleet Performance

Keep your assets safe. Contact us for a free consultation to see how HEI Wireless can improve the safety, workflow, and profitability of your business through our fleet communication management systems!

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