Jackson, MI Business Radios

A reliable and efficient communications system is a cornerstone of any successful business. Workplace distractions and fractured networks hinder operative functions. At HEI Wireless, we solve your communication gap with Jackson, MI Business Radios and monitoring systems to ensure your workflow is optimized for success. Our exhaustive range of two-way radios, fleet monitoring equipment, digital signage, and vehicle upfitting offer a solution for you.

Our Jackson, MI Business Radio and Monitoring Solutions

At HEI Wireless, we invest our time and energy to ensure your communications and monitoring systems suit the unique demands of your business or site. Our experts customize a plan that works for you and your budget and provides the coverage you need, wherever you go.

Two-way Radio Systems

HEI customizes services and products to link your workers, sites, and fleet with a host of two-way radio systems that meet your specific needs. Options include:

Fleet Communication

HEI has everything you need to optimize your fleet performance with thorough monitoring systems that give you maximum control over your fleet.

Remote Surveillance Systems

Cutting edge remote surveillance technology helps your business save time and money, without compromising the quality of your security. Benefits include:

  • Easy set up. Installation takes less than 30 minutes.

  • Wireless operation. No wires, monitoring booths, or complicated networks. Cameras operate on solar-rechargeable batteries and cloud-based software for reduced energy use and simple installation.

  • Customizable features. Access live and recorded video, thermal sensors, license plate reading, strobe lights, alerts, and two-way audio.

  • Limitless scalability. Use one unit or 1,000.

  • And more.

Vehicle Upfitting

With end-to-end vehicle upfitting, HEI provides you with everything you need to optimize your vehicle’s performance and customize it for the job from our convenient Benton Harbor location. Our upfitting services include:

Digital Signage

Communication challenges within your facility or network call for innovative solutions. Digital Signage maximizes visibility, increases speed and clarity of message delivering, and offers concise, attention-grabbing communication to your employees and customers. HEI Wireless optimizes your business communication using this flexible tool.

Solid, simple communication and comprehensive monitoring are part of every optimized business. Ensuring your business is equipped with trustworthy products and managed and installed by experts is essential for the success of your business. With HEI Wireless, you will receive comprehensive and knowledgeable service without hassle.

Contact the experts at HEI Wireless for all your Jackson, MI business radios and monitoring services, and let us solve the communication gap in your network.

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